GymPro - 1 lbs tub (30 Gallon)

GymPro - 1 lbs tub (30 Gallon)

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Exercise stink? We all get it!!!

Whether it is your clothes, shoes, gym bag, or your trunk, don't sweat it! GymPro will kill odors and clean the stink right out of your shorts... Now, roses will be the only thing you smell when you go running.

Start your clock.

After 72 hours, GymPro begins breaking down. What does this mean? GymPro was specially designed to be safe for the environment and return to a natural state after a short period of time. Feel free to use for 72 hours, then, just pour it out and start over. The short life means it works when you need it and doesn't leave you with a closet full of harmful cleaners when you're done.